Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jury Duty Day #6 - at least something happened

I arrived at the courthouse at 9:30.  At about 10:00, the court officer brought us over to the court room where the case finally began.  He thanked us for our patience since he realized we had to sit around for several days before the case could begin.  He explained it by saying that in September the courts are really backlogged with cases. Had I known this in advance I would have asked for a postponement.  I just thought it was best to get it over with, but my strategy was wrong.  The judge explained the rules and regulations regarding this and all other cases.  We are not allowed to discuss it with anyone. I will describe the case in detail when it is over.  In my opinion the incident was quite sad. I was a little amused by the high tech rules thqt now apply.  For example he said not  to visit the site where the incident occured.  He also said not to use Google Earth to look at the site or to research any of the parties using Google, Facebook or other internet tools.

The case started out with opening statements by the attorneys of the three parties.  The judge specifically stated that the jury must make its judgement by the testimony of witnesses, not by the opening statements.  After that was conclued, the attorney for the plaintiff called his first witness.  One of the defense attorneys cross examined him until the day's proceedings ended about 4 PM.  Since the judge has other business on Friday, the case will resume on Monday.  I just hate this on and off business, but what can I do.

It seems that eons ago I posted Here Comes the Judge by Shorty Long.  In honor of the start of this trial, I will post Here Comes the Judge by Pigmeat Markham.  The title of the songs are the same, but they are different.  They are both very silly songs.  Remember that I warned you before listening to the Youtube clip. Facebook friends can find it at

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