Saturday, September 11, 2010

Good Luck Bob Radil

Bob Radil's show which was heard on WNHU - New Haven and was one of my favorite radio shows. Since he was not bound by issues confronted by commercial radio stations, he specialized in playing alternative versions and other rarities. Friday nights with dinner, Jeopardy, ball games and the such are always busy for me, but I always tried to listen to his show for an hour or so.

Last night the word came that his show was cancelled by the station. I understand that a college radio station must appeal primarily to students age 18-22, but I was told there was other programming on that station that appealed to an older audience. I was most annoyed by the fact that Bob was not given a chance to have a farewell show. He is certainly professional enough not to say anything inappropriate over the air on his last show.

I am hoping his show will appear on Rewound Radio or another internet stream in the near future. I am sure that his listeners will follow.

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