Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bought a 6 ticket package for the Mets for the 2010 Season

Out of a sense of loyalty I bought a 6 ticket package for the Mets for the forthcoming season. Last year we bought a 15 ticket package, but it was for too many games. The Mets offered a 4 ticket package, but those were for the very expensive seats. The 6 ticket package includes the Friday night May 21 game against the Yankees. There are 3 Friday night games and 3 midweek games in this package. The seats are in the upper deck and average about $23. On March 7 the single game tickets go on sale, so I'll buy a few weekend games.

The outlook is not too good for the Amazins in 2010. Outfielder Jason Bay was the only significant offseason acquisition. We'll have to be hopeful.

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