Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sully and the Jets on a Cold Saturday

I picked up the book Highest Duty by Capt. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger at the public library about a week ago. I read parts of it during my daily commutes to work, but since today was cold, I had time to finish it. I just hate sitting home, but I have to remember one of my mother's quote "There is nothing more enjoyable than a good book."

The book was an autobiography of Sully who was a private and anonymous person until the remarkable events of January 15, 2009 on Flight 1549. He felt that his entire life prepared him for the decision to the land the plane in the Hudson River after it had become disabled after a bird strike shortly after takeoff from LaGuardia Airport. The plane hit the water at the right angle so that the fuselage would not break. He really landed in the right spot since the New York Waterways ferry terminal was right there so that all the passengers could be rescued before the plane could sink. There will be some television specials for the first anniversary of this miracle on the Hudson.

I was able to spend some time this afternoon moving along the dial of my HD radio. I listened to WFUV HD2 for a while. Since the HD1 channel airs specialty programming on weekends, the HD2 channel the normal "Roots and Rock" format. I checked out the HD3 channel, but that music labeled as "The Alternate Side" is not my cup of tea. I also listened to Smooth Jazz on 101.9 HD2

I am not a big pro football fan, but we all had to watch the Jet game at 4:30 PM. The beat the Cincinnati Bengals 24-14 to advance in the AFC playoffs toward the Superbowl.

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