Friday, January 15, 2010

The Sad Story of Dominic Carter

NY1 News started in September 1992 at the same time I started my position at the NJIT Library. I have been a regular viewer since its inception since I like their non-tabloid approach to New York City news. Many of their reporters have moved on to prestigious positions in local or network news organizations.

Dominic Carter who was hired at the station's inception was one of it best news anchors. He hosted a show called Inside City Hall where he interviewed many influential political figures and moderated numerous high profile debates.

About a year ago I read his autobiography No Momma's Boy where he reported how he was brought up my a mother who was a paraniod schizophrenic. She tried to strangle him to death when he was a small child and attempted suicide several times. In spite of that Dominic went to college and became successful journalist.

Carter was convicted of third degree attempted assault for beating his wife at their Ramapo home in Ocitber 2008. The judge also reported there were 10 police reports of domestic violence by Carter from 1997-2008. He was just sentenced to 30 days behind bars in the Rockland County jail. He must also attend classes for domestic violence and take medication for his violent outbursts. His contract was not renewed by NY1 News.

This is a very sad story to say the least. I was touched as I read the book seeing how Dominic obtained his position and succeeded in the difficult television news business after being raised in an abuse environment. I sincerely hope that after he serves his sentence and completes his therapy he can resume his career as a brodcast journalist.

New York Times article.

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