Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Top 10 Followers on Facebook - Some Surprises

Bruce 's Top Followers on Facebook
1) Gerry McKiernan - he is a science librarian at Iowa State. I have observed his postings on many listseves over the years. I am sure he has read many of mine, but we have never met.

2) Joel Glassman - My old buddy from my undergraduate days at City College of New York. He moved to North Carolina over 30 years ago. I haven't seen him in over 35 years

3) Victor Monachelli - the first radio enthusiast I met about 15 years ago on Prodigy. He lives in Florida now, but I met him in 1995 in Yonkers

4) Patrick J Guice - fellow radio enthusiast. I have met him at gatherings of oldies enthusiasts

5) Ellen Burden Parker - librarian at Atlantic Cape County College in New Jersey. We meet once a year at a professional meeting. I'll likely see her on January 8th. She is also a radio enthusiast

6) Amy Auerbach - oldies enthusiast. We have meet a few times at gatherings of oldies enthuiasts

7) Mary Hennessy Shaw - one of NYC's greatest listeners of oldies radios. We have met several times at "Meets and Greets"

8) Stu Dolgon - I met him on the WCBS-FM message board on AOL years ago. He lives in central NJ, but roots for the New York Rangers

9) Ron Gitschier - fellow radio enthusiast living in Florida. Several years ago he was in the Navy and was in NYC for fleet meet. We met for some drinks at a restaurant in Queens

10) Alan Seltzer - fellow radio enthusiast whom I've met a few times at gatherings.

Thanks to all of you for dropping by.

Some observations:

I have met 8 of the 10 of my top followers. 5 of those 8 I have encountered within the last year. The biggest surprise was who was not on the list.

1. The Dean of Oldies listeners. He knows who he is. But he is by far #1 on accessing me through telephone.
2. The Oldies Diva

None of my NJIT colleagues made the list.

My sister did not make it either. I guess she is not spying on me.

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