Tuesday, September 8, 2009

WCBSFM Top 500 Countdown

Back in the 1960s I followed radio station surveys even copying them down as the number of the song was announced. These surveys were likely based on record sales. Over the years WCBS-FM would ask listeners to vote for their top three songs and a list of the most popular 500 records were played over a holiday weekend. In recent years I have lost my enthusiasm for looking at songs by their number on a survey. I don't care what number a song is as long as I enjoy it.

WCBS-FM just played their most recent survey over the Labor Day weekend. This year Thriller by Michael Jackson was voted the most popular hit by the listeners. It wa obviously chosen by sympathy over his untimely death. In the Still of the Night by the Five Satins was number 2. For many years the latter was always voted number one. However since WCBS-FM was reincarnated in July 2007 very few if any 1950s hits have been played on the station. Thus In the Still of the Night was the #2 song even though it is rarely played.

My favorite Like A Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan was voted #141.

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