Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Some Thoughts on Beatles Day 9/9/09

Today marked the release of the video game Beatles Rock Band and the mono and stereo remastered box sets of all Beatles CDs that were originally released in the 1960s. It really shows how Beatles music has trenscended the generations. I bought the LPs shortly after they were originally released. I remember having to scrape up my allowance money and run to Alexanders in Rego Park to buy them on a Friday when they went on sale. I still have my turntable and occaisonally play my scratched up Beatles vinyl. The Beatles CDs were first issued on CDs in the late 1980s. Since my copy of Abbey Road was cracked I bought it again on CD. Likewise I couldn't resist buying Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band on June 1, 1987 twenty years to the day after the record came out.

Capitol/EMI is selling mono and stereo versions of the remastered box sets for about $200/each. This may be a good purchase for younger people who were not born when Beatlemania struck. I certainly would not buy the entire set but may eventually get one or two CDs to replace some scratched up records. The most hardcore Beatles fan may be compealists and want absolutely everything.

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