Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Condolences to my Sister Joyce and Her Family on the Passing of their beloved dog Sasha

I am saddened to announce the passing of Sasha Feuer, my canine niece, and daughter of my sister Joyce and her husband Keith. My condolences to them and my nephews Scott and Adam.

We always grew up in apartments so we could never have a dog since apartments are really too small for a large animal. Some people in apartments have small dogs. When Joyce married Keith she also inherited Artemis, a mix of a collie and labrador retriever. My father really loved Artemis and treated her like a granddaughter. When Joyce and Keith went away on vacation, Artemis would often stay with Mom and Dad.

After Artemis died, Joyce and Keith adopted Sasha who was born in Tennessee. We always enjoyed it when we rang the doorbell Sasha would jump on me. Lee especially was crazy about Sasha and sent her a birthday card every November 11.

I don't know if Joyce and Keith will get another dog. It is a very big responsibility and Keith may have had enough since he's had 3 in his lifetime. At least Sasha and Artemis lived to a ripe old age. They both passed away at 14 1/2 years.

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Harry N said...

Bruce, it's very hard to lose a family dog, even if it's not your direct family.

I grew up with dogs and when they died, it was hard to deal with.

They really are full members of the family. In some cases, they have child-like qualities and they are very much missed.

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