Saturday, August 22, 2009

WCBS BBQ Last Night

I have been a big supporter of WCBS-FM since the mid 1980s and had been to some of their concerts at the Radio City Music Hall years ago. I really wanted to go to this barbeque since I missed the one last year and the CBS Radio Expo at Citifield in May. It was very hot and humid all day and it started to rain hard about 4 PM. It let up and we decided to leave about 5:45. Friday night traffic was heavy so we arrived at Nansen Park about 7:00.

This was the first time I had stopped in Staten Island since 1982. Back then I had an interview at St, Vincent's Hospital there. A few weeks after the interview I got a phone call from the Human Resources Manager saying that I didn't get the job. This is extremely rare since very often unsuccessful candidates never get a rejection letter. Why do I remember these things?

When I got there I met radio enthusiasts Andrea Wiener, Mary Shaw, Cara Sieden, and Jerry Gillespie. There were a few people there. Perhaps I know some of them electronically :). Ron Parker was signing autographs while Joe Causi broadcast the show over the air. Since Broadway Bill Lee did his show at the studio until 7 PM, he did not arrive until later. I was disappointed that Dan Taylor, Sue O'Neal, and Bob Shannon were not there, but there must have been a legitimate reason. There was plenty of food for everyone.

There were performances by the Tramps and the Temptations Revue featuring Dennis Edwards. Sadly, most of the original Temptations have passed away. I have posted my pictures on Facebook. I am sure that Andrea and Mary will also do this. Non-Facebook people can see my photos at I had my picture taken with ketchup on my face :( . Oh well.

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