Thursday, August 13, 2009

I will never be a game show contestant on TV

My former colleague Mike Byrnes who left NJIT for Arizona thinks that I should be a game show contestant on TV. It is very hard to reach that goal. Millions of people watch Jeopardy, but only a few hundred a year appear on the show. Some of the contestants on Millionaire
told Regis Philbin that they tried for 10 years to get on the show. Once you do get on the show questions can be about anything in the realm of human knowledge. I do not know that much about current popular culture, the arts, and English literature among other subjects. On Jeopardy the luck factor is the categories that come up and the expertise of your opponents. If you much just one question on Millionaire, you are finished. You must really have to admire Ken Jennings seen above for winning 74 matches on Jeopardy. Nobody even came close to that total after the limitation on 5 wins was lifted. I am certainly interested in being someones phone a friend on Millionaire.

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