Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thinking of Buying a Laptop

I have this current desk top since August 2003. It still runs reasonably well, but at times in moves slowly. I just hate it when the McAfee Virus update downloads and installs. It just takes forever to complete this task which really slows down the computer. I am thinking of buying a laptop and having a wireless network in my apartment. Current computers run on Windows Vista which people say is not the best operating system. There is supposed to be a Windows 7.0 operating system coming out, but it may not be ready until next January. Some of the students at NJIT saiad if I get a new computer, I should downgrade to Windows XP. My last two desktops were from Gateway, so I am not sure if I should stick with them or try another brand. Suggestions from readers of this journal are always welcome.

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