Saturday, May 16, 2009

My First Encounter with Windows Vista

I went to Radio Shack this morning to pick up my new Gateway Notebook computer running on Windows Vista. I felt that I just had too many slow experiences my 2003 model desktop running on Windows XP. I also bought a Linksys router so I could have wireless access in my apartment. I was like a kid with a new toy, but they a had a problem setting up the Router. I phoned the 800 help phone number and reached someone in India who was very helpful and patient. After about an hour we lost the phone connection. I phoned again and reached an assistant located in the Philippines. She too was very helpful and persistent, but couldn't figure out the solution. I thought to myself that maybe I should "walk before I run" so I tiried to use the DSL modem hard wired to the computer. For many years I have used a DSL modem to contact AOL directly. When this failed, I called AOL and determined the cause of my problems. The version of AOL that I am using and the set up for the AOL broadband connection are not compatible with Windows Vista.

I decided to get Time Warner Cable's Road Runner and connect to the internet that way in the future. I will have to wait until Thursday to have it installed. Until then I'll have to work with the 2003 desktop. I will have to learn the capabilities of Windows Vista. I can work with the new laptop as long as I don't access the internet.

And so it goes with technology :)

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