Wednesday, April 1, 2009

WABC Rewound will only be heard online this year

For readers who are not radio enthusiasts WABC was the greatest Top 40 music station from 1960 until 1982 when it became a talk radio station. For about 10 years on Memorial Day for about 12 hours the station featured WABC Rewound where airchecks from the music radio era where played. We were able to hear classic DJs like Herb Oscar Anderson, Bruce Morrow, Dan Ingram, Charlie Greer and others. I have read tonight on several radio message boards that this year Rewound will be heard only online. Here is a post that I submitted to the Yahoo Saturday Night Oldies Board:

There are possible reasons for the demise of WABC Rewound on the Air:

1. There is a new program director. Very often when there is a new boss he/shelikes to assert managerial muscles and makes changes for to show who is in charge. Perhaps she does not have an appreciation for the heritage of thestation.

2. They may have run out of Musicradio WABC airchecks and just did not want toplay repeats.

3. Not enough advertising revenue which has been said before.I feel that listenership to talk radio would be very light on a major summerholiday. How many people would listen to repeats of Limbaugh or Hannity? Howmuch advertising would 12 hours of talk radio bring in? It seems that thisonline only Rewound could be a compromise. I guess it is not known how long itwill be or if there will be a show with Mark Simone, Alan Sniffen, and WABC DJs. Another compromise could be having a shortened over the air show. Nothing in this world lasts forever.

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Unknown said...

Ouch! That would be really unfortunate to lose the annual Rewound show. Online is ok, but if you want to enjoy Memorial Day at the beach with the radio, (as I did last year,) youre out of luck. I dont see myself taking my laptop to the beach!

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