Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Together Through Life

It is a shame that there are so few places to buy music these days. Today's buyers of music are quite content to download for Itunes and other sources. I have downloaded as well, but still enjoy the thrill of going to a music store to buy a CD on the day of its release. I am scheduled to work at NJIT for 1 PM - 8 PM so I left home a little early to have time to stop at the Borders by New York's Penn Station to buy it. There were two versions, one with just the CD and the deluxe version including the CD, a bonus CD with selections from the Theme Time Radio Hour. and a DVD of Roy Silver-The Lost Interview. Of course, I bought the deluxe.

I started listening to the CD as a boarded my train and was able to get halfway through it as I arrived in Newark. If I had to describe it in one word is would be "bluesy". For links to extensive reviews please see Expecting Rain. I enjoyed what I've heard so far, but this CD will not have the impact of Dylan's works from 1965-75. I was intrigued by one song titled My Wife's Home Town. I must listen more in depth to determine which of Dylan's two wives is in the song. It is well known that he was married to Sara Lowndes, but a few recent biographies state that he was also married to Carolyn Dennis, a background singer in the late 70s and early 80s. If you read his autobiography Chronicles, Dylan refers to my wife, but doesn't say which one. Please remember, his works are vague and open to interpretation.

Hopefully, my listening to the second half of the CD on the way home will "wipe out" the grumpy conductors and passengers who block the doors. If I finish while I am on the #7 train I can always listen to the Mets, Yankees, Rangers, or Devils.

Love him or hate him, you must give Dylan credit for his longevity. How many people who recored back in 1962 are still in the music business? Probably very few.

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