Tuesday, March 3, 2009

History of new York City Snowstorms in March

Yesterday's snowstorm was certainly not the first time New York City has received a significant acculation in March. An article in yesterday's Newsday lists the following events:

MARCH 13-14, 1993: This blizzard resulted in four deaths and more than $19 million in damage on the Island with winds that reached more than 70 miles per hour. During the storm 152,000 people lost electrical power.

MARCH 3-5, 1960: This storm brought 17.3 inches of snow, a local record for a March storm.

MARCH 11-14, 1888: The fabled "Great White Hurricane" cloaked the Gravesend section of Brooklyn under 52 inches of snow

MARCH 8, 2005: Heavy winds turned a middling snowfall of 4 inches into an adventure on the Long Island Expressway, where drivers experienced whiteout conditions. State Department of Transportation plows attempted to clear roads just before rush hour and were blocked by traffic, causing major delays. Suffolk police reported 54 accidents between 4 and 5 p.m.

MARCH 16, 2004: A late nor'easter dropped 4 inches of snow on Long Island, capping a week that had seen temperatures in the 50s.

MARCH 1967: More than 31 inches of snow fell for the entire month, setting a local record that still stands.

MARCH 21-22, 1966: 16 inches of snow fell on Long Island, one of the highest totals ever for the month.

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