Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Big Format Change in NYC radio today

At 5 PM today WXRK K-Rock (92.3FM) changed from a hard rock format to a Current Hit format with the moniker 92.3 Now. They are starting out by playing 10,000 songs in a row. In any event neither format was my cup of tea so I am not qualified to make any comments. For years Howard Stern was on 92.3 FM, but his listeners never stayed to listen to the music later in the day. When Stern left for Sirius, the station pick up Opie and Anthony in the morning. The station still floundered so they are now tryng to compete with Z-100 for the kids. I read that the oldK-Rock music is heard on 92.3-HD2. WRXP (101.9 FM) will try to pick up K-rocks listeners. Check the New York Radio Message Board for for comments from the experts.

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