Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nobody is above the law

Today New York Governor Elliot Spitzer resigned after allegations that he participated in a prostitution ring.  It is quite sad that such a fine public servant turned out to be such a hypocrite.  As state Attorney General he broke up some prostitution rings, yet while as governor he availed himself of their services. In itself being a john is a victimless crime.  However, it is quite possible that Spitzer committed crimes by laundering money, transportation a prostitute over state lines, and misappropriated state funds.  We must assume that he is innocent until proven guilty.  As of now there have been no criminal indictments.  The criminal justice process must take its course that even a governor of a state is not above the law.  If proven guilty, he should be treated accordingly.

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Anonymous said...

Bruce, I have discovered quite a find.....a long thought lost DVD of Julie Andrews in "The Sound Of Music." It's the directors version where she utters the "s***" word.

Not for nothing; but, when situations such as the one you've described above are revealed, it makes us look cheap to the rest of the world. As you know, some parts of the world already hate us, The United States of America. Why? Because we are a free society. The only SuperPower left and the world's terrorists would love to obliterate us.

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