Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Help! on Spring Break Week

This is Spring Break week at NJIT.  There are no classes, but the administrative offices including the library are open.  Since I have so much vacation time accrued, I decided to take today as a vacation day.  Weatherwise, I picked the wrong day since it rained all day.  As I sat down I perused through the collections of videos that Karen and I made over the years.  I picked out the Beatle's movie  Help! which we taped in 1988 from Showtime.  I watched it today for the first time in many years.  I resisted the temptation not to buy it a few months ago when it was released on DVD.


Anonymous said...

Bruce, it is Spring Break week at Yavapai College as well but we get it off.  Major perk.  The good thing about having this week off is I don't have to make any phony excuses to miss work tomorrow or Friday to watch the NCAA tourney.  Hey, I noticed NJIT didn't make the big dance.  In fact, I read somewhere that the Highlanders set the record for most losses in a Div I season.  I don't think this is how President Altenkirch wanted NJIT to be "put on the map."  

Thanks for the St. Patty's Day card.  

Anonymous said...

Bruce: I'm really enjoying the visual content which enchances your memos. Please keep it up.

I receive emails from Amazon regularly to alert me when they have one of their infamous super-sales on DVD's. It may warrant your attention. Videotapes have proven they won't maintain their quality forever. Also, I'm wondering what extras if any, are contained in the DVD version of "Help"?

Anonymous said...

Bruce, I have a news alert. There's a great article in the March 20 issue of The New York Times. In their Circuits section, there's a prominent article entitled:
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Bruce, if you don't have the physical paper **I subscribe to The New York Times,** I urge you to go to their web site and read this article. Very informative.

I hope you enjoy a great day on Friday.

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