Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bought Baseball Tickets this weekend

Although I am a big Met fan, I like to go to a few Yankee games each season.  Friday night I was only able to get tickets for Saturday April 5th against the Tampa Bay Rays.  When I tried to buy tickets for other weekend games, I was told that there were none available.  I think the Yankees are withholding single game tickets since they are still trying to sell season tickets or packages.

A few weeks ago a bought a 7-pack for the Mets which included the last regular season game to be played at Shea Stadium.  Since the first game in that package was for June 14, I want to get tickets for early in the season.  Today there was a pre-sale for people who have bought packages in the past.  I got tickets for April 12, April 26, May 10 and May 31.  To get better seats for the upper deck, I asked for the non-alcohol section #10 which is between home and third base.  I would have had to settle for section 37 way out in right field if I had not selected non-alcohol.  I am not going to spend $8 for a beer at the ball park when I can get a beer for less the $1 at home.

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