Saturday, February 16, 2008

Visit to the New York Transit Museum

Karen, Lee and I went to the New York City Transit Museum in Brooklyn Heights today.  For me it was my first visit, but Karen and Lee had been there before.  There was a display showing how the system was built in the early 20the century.  They also showed how fare collection evolved from a ticket worth 5 cents to the various subway tokens to the modern MetroCard.  We also saw a short movie on how Rosa Parks refused to go to the back of the bus in 1955.  The feature of museum was the old subway cars.  My favorite was the blue and white #7 train cars that were there in 1964 for the Worlds Fair and the opening of Shea Stadium.  You can see a few photos that we took at  The Web site for the museum can be found at 

On the way home I stopped at Macy's to buy a couple of dress shirts.  I luckily arrived home at 6:03 PM just as Saturday Night Oldies was beginning. 

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Anonymous said...

Macy's for dress shirts, huh? I like to shop for dress shirts at JC Penny. Call me a radical. In my line of work, as yours, Bruce, a shirt and tie is mandatory.

Dave in Chicago

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