Sunday, February 17, 2008

Kosher Deli's in Queens

Today, Karen, Lee and I walked around Alley Pond Park.  On the way back we stopped at Buddies Deli on 73rd Avenue for a few hot dogs and fries.  We discussed the Kosher Delis in Queens that have folded the ones still left.  Here goes:

Still Left

Bens in Bayside - there are several Bens on Long Island and one in Manhattan where the Meet and Greets were held

Bens Best Deli in Rego Park - this is not affiliated with the Ben's above.  I have been going to this one since the 1950s

Deli Masters in Fresh Meadows - this is across the street from the former site of the WTFM and WAPP studios

Buddies in Bayside wher we ate today

Queens Deli's no longer around

Pastrami King in Kew Gardens - this was right next to the Court House.  One of the only good things about jury duty was having this restaurant nearby

Julies in Rego Park - I remember this right next to the Rego Park Jewish Center in the early 1960s

Surreys on Union Turnpike - when I worked at St, Johns in the early 90s, this was nearby

Fassbergs - this was around the corner from where I now live.  It changed names and owners a few times.  It became Reubens, Kosher King, and Flushing Delight before becoming a Korean restaurant in 1995

I think these restaurants closed because the Jewish population in Queens has declined.  Here is an invitation to Dave from Chicago.  If you ever come to Queens, I will take you on a tour of these restaurants

There are some kosher delis in Manhattan.  There is Mendy's on 34th Street and Park Avenue which is Glatt (strictly) Kosher.  We had some gatherings of oldies radio enthusiasts there since one of our friends was observant.  The Stage and Carnegie Deli's are kosher style which is an oxymoron.

Perhaps the Distinguished Professor of Saturday Night who lives in Manhattan can give some more information


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