Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Big New York City Radio News

It is not every day that there is a format change in New York Radio.  WQCD (CD101.9) played smooth jazz since 1988.  In their press release (http://www.cd1019.com/site_20/home.aspx) they claimed that there was less demand for smooth jazz music.  I listened to CD101.9 quite a bit when 101.1 played the Jack format.  This will obviously have an effect on other NYC stations.  Format changes are done abruptly and secretly to surprise the other radio stations in the market.  I think Lite-FM is jumping for joy since people who like background music radio will likely move to 106.7 FM.  WRXP may lure listeners from Krock and Q-104.3  Nothing in this world stays the same.

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Anonymous said...

Bruce, you are exactly right. Radio is strictly a business and nothing stays the same. The jury is still out on Rock 101.9 FM. Emmis the parent company of WRXP has a poor track record in Chicago. Their two rock stations are utter failures. The chief reason: too much cost-cutting. They do nearly everything on the cheap.

WLUP-FM "The Loop" is a longtime market station which has been a ratings failure for years. An utter disappointment. The only bright light here is Johnathan Brandmeir in the mornings. Musically, they're boring in a word.

WKQX-FM "Q101" an Alternative Rock station. Again, another failure. No real direction musically and they've fired some of the most talented and knowledgeable jocks they once had. Again, Emmis likes to do business on the cheap.

Personally, I'm a big fan of Jazz music. Listen to it constantly on AOL.

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