Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lee Picked the wrong movie again

We let Lee pick the movie again today and he chose a real loser.  We went to see The Comebacks a really stupid football movie.  Even if you like football, save your money and do not see this movie.  I must say that Lee has better tastes in music.  Please see below:





Anonymous said...

So your son is the fifth beatle?  I was completely off on that one!

Anonymous said...

NetsJetsFan brings up a good question: who do you consider the fifth Beatle?  I am in the Stu Sutcliffe camp although Pete Best fans have a legitimate argument.  Didn't Bumpkin name his daughter after Stu's girlfriend, Astrid?

Anonymous said...

If it's any comfort at all, the Twin Cities critics agree with you that The Comebacks is a bad movie.  So we are not going to see it. However, we have to go and see "Final Season" b/c it's a movie about last season of h.s. baseball in Norway, IA.  The school was being consolidated and would no longer have their own "hometown" team.  Our son-in-law saw it and said it was o.k. but he would have liked to see more baseball in it and not so much about the consolidation stuff.  But it all happened when we were living in Mason City, Iowa, so we remember the newspaper articles about what was happening.  It's the bane of small town schools.  

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