Saturday, October 13, 2007

History of Queens Conference at Queens College

I really wanted to do something completely different today so I attended a conference about the history of Queens.  There was no charge so there was absolutely nothing to lose.  Anyway, the introduction was given by Boro President Helen Marshall.  After the plenary session, there were several sessions with vaious talks.  I attended:

1.  The origins of Queens College.

2. I really wanted to hear a talk about the role of Robert Moses in the planning of Flushing Meadows Park but the speaker had to cancel.  Instead I heard a talk about the Queens Fram Museum in Little Neck.

3. The development of Forest Hills.

It was a full day conference but I decided to leave after the morning session.  It was a nice Fall day, and I didn't want to stay indoors the entire day.

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Bruce, a sincere congratulations on 2 years of the most in-dept personal journal. To the next 2 years! Mazel Tov!

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