Saturday, October 20, 2007

CW Post Football Today

We had a choice today:

CW Post Football at 12 noon

Hofstra Football at 4 PM

We chose the CW Post game since the weather gets cold and windy in the late afternoon.  Also since we got home at 3 PM, I can hear the entire Saturday Night Oldies show.  I don't bring my radio to sporting events like one of the regular readers of this blog.  Anyway  South Connecticut State College beat CW Post 42-17.

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Anonymous said...

Bruce, this was a tough decision but imagine the quandry I was in last night:  the Sox on Fox and BC on ESPN (Everything Sox Patriots Network).  I think I have carpal tunnel syndrome from clicking back n forth.  
The best byproduct from working at NJIT was taking classes at Rutgers-Newark; I have a legitimate reason for rooting for Rutgers.  But look at my college football quandry:  I grew up rooting for BC, then Arizona State and now Rutgers.  This is out of control!  Throw in my Red Sox, Pats, Celtics and even the Bruins and you have to admit, this is the second greatest season for a MA/AZ/NJ transplant.  Nope, nothing will top 2004 for a die-hard Red Sox fan.  Nothing!

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