Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Oldies are Returning to WCBS-FM

Finally CBS Radio admintted their mistake by taking the oldies off 101.1  FM in New York.  It has been reported in several reliable sources that the terrilbe Jack format will be dumped and the oldies are returning to WCBS-FM.  We don't know exactly when the change will come or what DJs will return.  It will not be the same as it was.  I predict they will emphasize 70s and 80s music.  Some DJs like Bob Shannon and Bobby Jay are likely to return, but others like Cousin Bruce Morrow and Mike Fitzgerald have other professional committments.  Bill Brown, Harry Harrison, Norm N. Nite, and Don K Reed have likely retired and may come back on a part time basis.  This has been the best radio news in the longest time.


Anonymous said...

It didn't go away entirely.  It was on the same frequency but different channel.  It was on the HD radio part of 101.1 FM.  My assumption is a lot of radio stations are realizing HD radio is just not catching on (I think because no one wants to pay $300 even if its just a one time fee) and going with the channel that they deem most popular.  No longer will they put the popular radio station (in this case CBS-FM) on the HD channels to entice people to buy the radio in order to listen to it.

Anonymous said...

Saturday nights at 6PM, I vote for Holly Levis to be on WCBS-FM. This way EVERYBODY will be tuned to Mark Simone and Saturday Night Oldies on WABC instead.

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