Wednesday, July 4, 2007

1408 on the 4th

I took Lee to Cunningham Park this morning and observed that at 10 AM and observed that early in the morning all the spaces for picnics were filled.  I guess people wanting to have a barbeque have to get there early or they will be shut out.  In the early afternoon we went to the local multiplex and saw the movie 1408.  It was a cloudy day and the complex was crowded for a summer holiday.

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Anonymous said...

OK - can't resist on comment on this.  No way did I want to even consider being outside for a picnic on the 4th - it was up to 90 and very high humidity in Mpls. . .not fun for me.  Dave wanted to watch the Twins-Yankees game. . .can you believe Twins won! After being soundly trounced the first 2 games, I was sure it would be another stinging defeat for our Twins, so Dave was one happy camper after that game.  I opted to go to a movie with a friend.  No -- did not see 1408. . .was thinking it would be too extreme for me to enjoy, so we went to "Evan Almighty."  Beautiful scenes with the animals, but, other than that, sort of a boring movie to my taste.  The comedic moments were rare. But it had a good message for families about doing things together.  I guess the Slotsky family carries through on that since Lee was with you on the baseball tour. . .job well done, family members!  Louise

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