Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Baseball Trip Tuesday June 26th - Karen got a foul ball

On Tuesday morning we watched television and sat around the lobby of the motel where we ran into some of the other people on the tour.  Finally at 1:45 Pm the tour bus came.  It took about 1½ hours to drive to Milwaukee where we picked up a few more people.  The next stop was Miller Field where we had a tailgate party as we did last year.  There were plenty of hamburgers, sausages, and beer for everybody.  The game between the Houston Astros and Brewers was a home run derby as the Astros took a 4-2 lead.  In the top of the fifth, Mike Lamb of the Astros hit a foul ball down the third base line about 7 rows behind our seats and hit a young lady in the face.  The ball bounced around and landed in Karen’s seat.  In all the years I have gone to ball games, I have never caught a ball especially since most of the time I sit in the nosebleed section.  Unfortunately, the young lady was slightly injured and needed first aid.  The Brewer fans in the area (not from our tour group) yelled “give it back”.  Karen obviously wanted to keep the ball.  It turned out the customer service people in the stadium gave the girl another ball.



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dlafarm@netzero.net said...

Bruce:  You are too nice.  The Brewer "fans" who were yelling at Karen were quite obnoxious and really out of line in their request. Karen got it "fair and square" and we were all rallying in her favor! There was absolutely no reason for her to have returned that ball, so we were all glad she did not give in to the intimidation of those "fans" up above us. I suspect those guys yelling had maybe had a few too many of the hometown brew.


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