Thursday, May 24, 2007

Energy Conference on Bob Dylan's Birthday

I needed some intellectually stimulation today so I decided to go to an American Chemical Society local meeting titled "Living Natural Gas - Safe 'N Sound" held at Hofstra University.  A company called Broadwater wants to construct a liquefied natural gas terminal in the middle of Long Island Sound that will connect with an existing natural gas pipeline in the Sound.  The speakers discussed the pros and cons of building such a structure.  I would discuss the details here.


Of course today is Bob Dylan's birthday.  I listened to WFUV at home and in the car going to and from the conference.  The station played one dong by Dylan and one cover version each hour.  This limitation is a result of the Digital Millenium Copyright ACt which restricts the number of songs by a single artist that can be played on an Internet radio station.  Since WFUV does webcast, it must abide by the regulation.  Years ago WFUV would devoted its entire programming day to Dylan's music.  Right now I am listening to XM Deep Tracks which is also featuring Mr. Zimmerman.  At 5 PM the family will watch the Video of Dylan covering the period 1966-78.  During dinner Lee will pick a Dylan CD.

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