Saturday, October 28, 2023

My Favorite Local Restaurants on Saturday or Sunday Nights

Once a week I must get out of the kitchen.  Lee and I go to a handful of local restaurants so that I can have a break from cooking. Here are some of our favorite restaurants:
  • Uncle Bill's Diner - It is within walking distance of our home.  The decor is non-descript, but the food is good and reasonably priced.
  • Ginos of Whitestone - It is also within walking distance.  Sometimes we go just for pizza, but they offer a full menu of Italian food
  • Bens of Bayside -  It is the only kosher deli left in Queens.
  • Applebees - the one in the Bay Terrace Mall closed so we have to drive a little further to Fresh Meadows.
  • Outback Steak House - since I have steak at home, I usually order roast beef here.
  • IHOP - there is one at 156th Street and Northern Blvd.  Lately, we go to the one at the Bay Terrace Mall since it is larger.  I just love their chocolate chip pancakes.  Their dinner menu is limited.


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