Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Ultimate Weekend Day 2 -Ball State vs Georgia Bulldogs in NCAA Football


College Football is not very big in the New York Metropolitan area.  Some years ago, we regularly went to games at Hofstra, but they dropped the program.  Once or twice a season we go to games at LIU Post which has a Division II program.  Thus, we welcomed the opportunity to see big-time college football.

The University of Georgia is about 80 miles from our hotel near the Atlanta airport.  This was our longest bus trip on this tour.  In previous Jay Buckley Baseball Tours, the trips from one game to the next could be a few hundred miles.  The University of Georgia has a large and beautiful campus for its 37,000+ students.  After our bus was parked, we had to take a campus bus to go to Stanford Stadium, the tenth-largest stadium in the NCAA.

It was very not in the open-air stadium on a bright and sunny day.  The game was one-sided as the Georgia Bulldogs beat the Ball State Cardinals 45-3.

Lee and I are wearing Georgia Bulldog baseball caps

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