Thursday, September 14, 2023

I Got Tickets for Bob Dylan at the Kings Theater in Brooklyn for November 14


In November 2021, I saw Bob Dylan last at the Beacon Theater in Manhattan. It was at the beginning of the Rough and Rowdy Tour that just maybe Dylan's last concert tour.  Since that time, he appeared in several cities in the United States, Europe, and Asia.  There were rumors that he would appear again this November at the Beacon.  Instead, he is giving two concerts at the Kings Theater in Brooklyn.

Today was the pre-sale.  I logged into the site at 9:45 and had to wait until 10:00 for the "doors to open".  I was #994 to get tickets.  At about 10:10 I was allowed to make a purchase.  Kings Theaters sells the tickets without relying on Ticketmaster or similar agencies.  The seat map had very small dots representing the individual seats available for purchase.  I clicked on one and it immediately sent me to checkout without asking if my order was complete.  I made the purchase and then got in again to buy a second ticket.  The rows were not shown so the second ticket was not adjacent to the first one.

At least I got two tickets, though Lee and I will have sit a row apart.

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