Sunday, March 19, 2023

More Unhappiness about a Discussion Group

 I previously reported on my unhappiness with a discussion group at a local senior center.  I asked the people there if they can start a group for men only.  They accepted my suggestion and started a group that meets on Friday mornings.  The same problems that I faced with two other groups exist in this men's group.

  • A few people domineer the group
  • I am just listening to other people's small talk.
Last Friday a gentleman complained that his hearing aid didn't work after his barber accidentally sprayed water into his ear.

Another man related a story where his girlfriend who worked in a nail salon was not paid.

I think the social worker who moderates the group should:
  • Ensure that everyone who wants to talk should have the opportunity.
  • The topic at hand should be of interest to the majority of participants.
I think that complaining will not do any good.  I just have to evaluate whether I should come again.  If I am not enjoying myself, I am only punishing myself for coming.

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