Thursday, September 22, 2022

Random Thoughts of the Day

Aaron Judge of the Yankees hit 60 home runs as his fans are greatly anticipating his 61st that would tie him with Roger Maris for the American League record for home runs in a season, The attendance at last night's game was 46,175.  On September 30, 1961, as a 12-year-old my uncle took me to the penultimate Yankee game of the regular season to see Roger Maris hit his 61st home run.  The attendance was only 19,061.  The next day when Maris hit #61 the attendance was slightly higher at 23,154.

The news on TV or radio is always very depressing.  A few times a week I listen to 1010 WINS for about 22 minutes just to know what is going on.  Whenever I go into a local bagel bakery, the owner always listens to WINS.  An all-news station must be repetitious by its nature.  I once asked her why she does that and she responded, "I like the news."  To each his/her own.

Why do I keep having dreams about working in a library almost five years after I retired?


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