Tuesday, September 27, 2022

More Random Thoughts


Instead of writing several Tweets, I thought I'd consolidate them into one journal post.

  • I still don't understand the fascination of the American public with the British royal family.  The Today Show reported on this morning's show that Prince William and Princess Kate are resuming their normal schedules a week after Queen Elizabeth's funeral.  I turned off the TV.
  • Several pitchers are likely not giving Aaron Judge good pitches, so they won't be stigmatized with being the one who gave up home run #61
  • Why is there a long thread on the New York Radio Message Board about a station in Charlotte, NC changing formats?  I also wish the owner of that board would use more modern message board software.  He uses the same software as in 1997 when the board commenced.
  • I wish WFUV would restore a short newscast during the morning drive.  I also think the weather forecast should be given more often.

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