Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Random Thoughts in the Middle of June


I think it is inappropriate for people to post pictures of themselves in hospital beds on Facebook.  Also, they should not discuss the details of their medical problems.  I do not confer any of my medical issues on Facebook, Twitter or this journal.

Rich Appel wrote a fine article in Inside Radio on the resurgence of radio station WABC under Red Apple Media.  I have never been a fan of conservative talk radio, but I always listen to Cousin Brucie on Saturday nights.  It is a shame that the proprietor of a certain radio message board has bashed Rich, his radio show, and the article.  I enjoy That Thing with Rich Appel which I usually hear on Pop Gold Radio on Sunday evenings.  The show can be heard on many terrestrial and internet radio stations.

This leg of Bob Dylan's Never Ending Tour ends on July 6.  Will it resume in Europe, Japan, or Australia?

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