Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Lou Reed Exhibition at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts


Lou Reed: Caught Between The Twisted Stars is the full name of the exhibition at the Lincoln Center library.  It includes musical recordings, videos, posters, interviews, books, vinyl records, cassette tapes, photographs, and personal correspondences that are the archives that he donated to NYPL It covers his entire career from his start as a doo-wop singer to his passing in 2013.

I first found out about Lou Reed after hearing his hit Take a Walk on the Wild Side in 1973.  I didn't hear much about him until October 1992 when he sang Foot of Pride at the concert for Bob Dylan's 30th anniversary.

Lou formed the Velvet Underground with John Cale in October 1965.  Between 1972 and 2011 he released twenty studio albums, seven live albums, and three collaborative albums.  I found out from viewing this exhibit that Lou Reed was also a poet as some of his works and readings were displayed,

Lou Reed with Allan Ginsberg

I highly recommend this exhibit to all reading this journal entry.  There is no fee to view it.  It will be at the library until March 2023.  Please also see the following websites:

Digital Collection of the archives  - some of the material can only be accessed from the library

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