Thursday, October 28, 2021

My Vaccines for 2021


I have never received a flu shot until today.  I guess I was persuaded by Dr. Dave Choksi, NYC Health Commissioner, to get the shot this year.  In all the years I didn't get the flu shot, I never contracted the disease.  This year I received:
  • Moderna #1 for COVID-19 -  March 3
  • Moderna #2 for COVID-19 - March 31
  • Shingles Shot #1 - August 16
In all three cases, I developed a fever within a day of the vaccination.  I am hoping I won't develop side effects for today's or future shots.

Within the next few weeks I will get:
  • Moderna Booster
  • Shingles Shot #2
I should also get the Prevnar vaccine to fight pnemonia.

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