Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Day 4 – October 3 – Big Game at AT&T Stadium – Dallas Cowboys vs Carolina Panthers

Game time was 12 noon, but we left our hotel at 9 AM.  By the time we arrived at the stadium at 9:30 AM, there were people already tailgating in the parking lots.  The tour guide told us there was no public transportation to the stadium, so everyone had to drive.  It cost about $40 to park.  At about 10 AM we entered the stadium I must say that Texans really love their Cowboys.  Almost every fan wore a jersey of their favorite player.  There were many fans of the Carolina Panthers as well.  I assume they all made a trip from North Carolina just to see the game.  The fans were shouting at every play.  The Cowboys beat the Panthers 36-28. (Game Summary)  There was a big traffic jam after the game.  It took the driver over an hour to get back to our hotel that was only 3 miles away.

We returned to the hotel and ate dinner at a Cracker Barrel.  When we arrived at the restaurant, we were told there was a 20-minute wait.  When we were finally seated, I observed the dining room was ¾ empty.  The problem is that restaurants are having problems getting help.

We left Monday and flew back to New York.


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