Tuesday, July 13, 2021

A Few Comments about Bruce's Journal


I have posted 4300 entries in this blog since I started in October 2005.  I look back at entries where I posted YouTube videos of songs and observe that so many of the videos were deleted.  I assume that the posters of these videos violated copyright laws and thus the videos were deleted.  I am wondering if I should review these entries and delete them.  This would be a very time-consuming effort.

I also looked at statistics provided by Blogger and  Google Analytics which are totally different with Blogger giving much higher numbers.  According to Blogger 871,000 people have accessed Bruce's Journal, but I question that number.  How many of those hits are from bots and how many from real people?  Blogger states that 49% of the hits of the past 30 days are from Indonesia and 23% are from France.  I don't know anyone in those countries.  Only 13% of the hits are from the United States.

I always wonder if I have regular readers and what people think of this blog.  I guess readers want to be anonymous.

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