Monday, March 29, 2021

Every Day Should be Unwrapped Like a Precious Gift


Harry Harrison must have said "Every Day Should be Unwrapped Like a Precious Gift" thousands of times during his career as a radio personality.  This quote has meant more to me since Karen passed away at age 65,  I am 6 years older than her and always thought she would outlive me, but that didn't happen.  I have a precious gift as I awaken in the morning while Karen does not.  I have thought of some acquaintances who passed away at younger ages:

  • Patrick H - 30
  • Jack D - 46
  • Barry L - 46
  • Veronica C - 50
  • Estelle D - 50
  • Dana K - 53
  • Dan G - 60
  • Mike F - 60
  • Alan B -61
May they all rest in peace.

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