Saturday, March 20, 2021

AAA Saved the Day


Since I first owned a car in 1972 I have always been a member of AAA since a driver never knows when his car can break down.  Thankfully over the years I only had to call them a few times.  My worst experience was in 1978 when my car broke down on the Connecticut Turnpike in Milford.

Today Lee and I wanted to drive over to the new IHOP in Bayside.  When I went to my garage, the car didn't start.  I suspected the battery was dead since my car was over 5 years old.  I bought it used in January 2019, but obviously, the dealer did not install a battery at that point.  I  phoned AAA and described the problem.  Someone came within 20 minutes.  He jump-started the car, but I thought it was better to buy a new battery.  He had a battery with him and installed it while I waited.  This was excellent service.

If I had to have a car problem, it was better to have it at home rather than on the road.  Back in 1978, I had to take Metro-North back to NYC and had to wait a day or so for my car to be repaired.  That was certainly a nightmare.

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