Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Newark Penn Station to Be Renovated at a Cost of $190 Million - But it is Much Too Late For Me


Newark Penn Station was one of my least favorite places when I commuted from 1992-2017.  There was a report on the news today that $190 Million is being allocated for upgrades and repairs.  It is hard to believe that it 3 years since I took my last ride on New Jersey Transit.  I had to walk through that station to pick up the Newark Rail and my last leg on my trip to work.  I worst thing about Newark Penn Station was the derelicts hanging out here.  I just hated waiting for the train back to NYC on Track 1.  NJ Transit never did anything about that problem.  They would never send social workers to try to help the homeless.  Will anything change after the renovations are completed?

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