Monday, December 7, 2020

Bob Dylan Made the New York Times Today


It was announced today that Bob Dylan sold his songwriting catalog for $300 Million to the Universal Music Publishing Group.  According to the article:

"Dylan’s deal includes 100 percent of his rights for all the songs of his catalog, including both the income he receives as a songwriter and his control of each song’s copyright. In exchange for its payment to Dylan, Universal, a division of the French media conglomerate Vivendi, will collect all future income from the songs."

Of course, this has generated discussion in the Dylan Facebook groups.  I think it is an issue of estate planning.  Dylan has two ex-wives, and several children and grandchildren.  By selling his catalog the funds from this sale among other assets will be distributed among his heirs many years from now after his passing.

There is really nothing to be alarmed about.  If a company wants to use a Dylan song in a commercial it will have to get permission from the Universal Music Publishing Group.  I am a little concerned about decisions that will be made about issuing unreleased recordings after his passing.

Two more accounts of this sale:

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