Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Random Thoughts at the End of September

  • Singers Mac Davis and Helen Reddy passed away the same day at the age of 78.  Both had big hits in the 1970s
  • I really hope that Joe Biden wins the presidential election in a landslide.  Donald Trump is a pathological liar who never deserved to be president in the first place.  The Electoral College really stinks as someone who lost by 3 million votes wins an election.  He will wreak havoc if he loses by a small margin and perhaps will cause a constitutional crisis.
  • I found through an online chat that there are no plans to reopen the New York Public Library Research Libraries.  It is understandable, but disappointing as there are so many print resources not available online.  I wish they could devise a plan so that researchers could order materials online and could access them in a reading room with a limited number of patrons and social distancing.  I have used many online library resources over the past 6 months.


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