Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Norm N. Nite Has Written a New Book About the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

Oldies enthusiasts in New York City know Norm N. Nite as a radio personality who worked at WCBS-FM in its heyday as an oldies station.  I always enjoyed his top 20 oldies countdowns heard on weekends when he played "lost hits" not usually heard on the radio.  Many may not know that he was instrumental in conceiving the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and bringing it to Cleveland where it opened in 1995.

The book is written from Norm's perspective and draws on his own experiences and exclusive interviews with business leaders, governmental officials, and musicians.  The controversies of why some rock stars have been excluded are not considered in this fine book.  I personally feel that Neil Sedaka and Chubby Checker should have been elected to the Rock Hall.

Back in 1998, the family visited the Rock Hall in Cleveland.  When we were at LaGuardia Airport we met Norm who had completed his shift at WCBS-FM and was on our flight to Cleveland.  We revisited the museum in 2008.  I think it is time for a return visit.

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Unknown said...

I had the pleasure of playing at his oldie show "Saturday in the Park" at Central Park NY August 13, 1973 !! Fond memories !!

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