Friday, April 24, 2020

What Will be the New Normal and How Will it Transpire?

We know that no official will tell us to immediately return to the way it was.  There would have to be a gradual change to a new environment that may have to exist until a vaccine for the Coronavirus is developed, manufactured, and delivered to billions of people.  Will this virus ever be permanently eliminated?

  • Can there be public transportation systems with people standing right next to each other?
  • Will there be sporting events, movies, and theaters with people sitting next to each other?
  • Retail establishments can become very crowded especially during the holiday season.  Can we go back to the "old way"?
  • Will distance education be the primary way of delivering instruction in the future?  Has it worked at the K-12 during this pandemic?
  • How many businesses will not return?
  • Likewise, will some people that have lost their jobs not be able to find permanent employment after the crisis end?
  • Obviously rural areas will be able to "normalize" sooner.  Will this cause flight from cities to outlying areas?
I have raised several questions, but no real answers.

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