Friday, September 27, 2019

Random Comments of the Day

After some hesitation, I updated the software on my iPhone 8 from IOS 12.4.1 to IOS 13.1.1.  There were problems with IOS 13, so Apple applied 2 updates within a couple of days.  The changes seem to be very subtle.  Some of the updates would only apply to devices in the iPhone 11 family.  I guess Apple wants everyone to get a new phone every year with the latest enhancements.

I bought tickets to the Bob Dylan concert on November 23 at the Beacon Theater.  This is the first of a 10 concert residency at that venue.  The tickets cost about $100, but Ticketmaster gets you for a service charge of $25.

My former colleague Lisa W. at the NJIT Library did well on the Jeopardy test and was invited for a live audition in Philadelphia in November.  I congratulate her on this accomplishment, but she must go through a further evaluation for selection as a being a contestant.  I must assume that the personality of a contestant is considered in addition to intellectual capability.  I wish her the best of luck in this endeavor.

My new laptop is working well so far.  I spent much time over the past few days installing the software that I use.  The older laptop which I am still keeping owes me nothing as it lasted for 5 years.

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