Friday, July 5, 2019

Do-Over of my May 17 Trip to Staten Island

View of Lower Manhattan From Staten Island
It Was Somewhat Hazy Today

Regular readers of Bruce's Journal may remember that on May 17 my solo trip to Staten Island was cut short since there was an unexpected rain shower when I arrived.  Today I repeated this trip along with Karen and Lee since there was no chance of rain.  We walked to the stadium and continued to walk along the promenade as we viewed lower Manhattan.  The only interesting landmarks were:
  • The Memorial to Staten Island residents who perished on 9/11
  • The Memorial to first responders from Staten Island who subsequently passed away
We walked around the new shopping mall and then returned to the ferry terminal.


EricDBernstein said...

Hello Bruce,
Is there a way for me to e-mail you directly as I had a personal question regarding family history. I have been studying my family ancestry for over two decades and wanted to see if we are related.

Thank you in advance,
Eric Bernstein

Bruce S said...

ERic you may reach me at I doubt very much if we are related as I am not aware of anybody named Bernstein on either side of my family.

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